Why Geodesic Domes?

During camp season, the amount of daily rainfall makes adequate, safe shelter for campers imperative. This style of cabin has a 5.5 meter diameter and are made of tubular metal pipes, bolts, and durable weatherproof tarp. These low impact structures are semi-permanent and therefore, easily transported, making for an ideal housing option at camps.

Why Mexico?

As reflected in recent news, Mexico may seem like a frightening place. So, imagine what life is like for the kids who grow up amidst these hardships. Cabins For Kids creates opportunities for kids to learn fundamental life lessons, and more importantly, be introduced to God. Currently, camps across Latin America are developing innovative ways to operate and organize such ministries.

The Kids

Children in Mexico come from many different backgrounds. These children often have a limited or inaccurate knowledge of God. Fortunately, Christ-centered camps allows for priceless opportunities to learn about Jesus Christ. By providing a safe environment for hundreds of otherwise unreached kids, camps relay the love of Christ through interaction with devoted leaders and believing peers.